Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets, but humbler folk may circumvent this restriction if they know how. To plant a pine, for example, one need be neither god nor poet; one need only own a shovel.
— Aldo Leopold

Daniel Steinle has been moving slowly westward for more than a decade. Several years ago this legally blind Wisconsinite landed softly in Portland, OR and he's been tirelessly shooting action, editorial and street photographs the whole time. Steinle developed a modern vernacular style heavily influenced by prosaic street photographers such as Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Robert Adams and Joel Meyerowitz while living and studying English Literature and Photography in Denver, CO. Although straightforward and honest, his work maintains a subtle gritty edge. After teaching high school English Literature post-graduation, he worked as a butcher before entering the cycling industry. He started building hubs and wheels with Alchemy Wheel Works, fabricated pedicabs for Main St, packed boxes in a warehouse, and eventually became the staff photographer for a cycling / e-commerce company. He currently performs both sales and marketing roles for Ruckus Composites, the premiere carbon fiber inspection and repair facility in North America.  

Endlessly curious of the human condition and societal interaction, incredibly talented at moving quickly through large crowds, and never one to turn down an opportunity for image making, Steinle has documented such events as: The Running of the Bulls, The Tour de France, The Belmont Stakes, Road America, The Democratic National Convention, SXSW, The School of the Americas Rally, many street protests, and countless musical groups. One of fondest memories is photographing hip-hop group The Geto Boys, being asked if “It felt good to be a Gangsta”…damn right! He also volunteered for after school programs as the darkroom master when he was teaching high school, and he often substituted for the teacher in their absence.

The following are some of his clients: The Athletic, Asylum Cycles, Bicycling Magazine, BikeFlights, Breadwinner Cycles, Castelli Cycling, Death With Dignity, Dirt Rag Magazine, Eliel Cycling, Gevenalle, The Happy Tooth Women’s Cycling Team, HiFi Wheels, Infinit Nutrition, Mosaic Cycles, Renovo Cycles, Ren Cycles, Olympia Brewing, Portland Bicycle Studio, Portland Design Works, Joan Lunden, Rebecca Minkoff and none other than Glamour Magazine.

He’s recently been spending lots of time foraging for edible mushrooms in the coastal hills of the PNW. You can also find him spending far, far too much time trying to track down his favorite out-of-production 35mm photographic films (RIP Fuji Neopan 1600), or making prints in his home darkroom.

Dan will do anything to get the shot but in his own polite, midwestern way: “Ope! Just gonna sneak past ya. No no, you’re good. ‘Scuse me. You betcha, thanks”.

He's available for commercial, editorial, fashion, product and wedding shoots. He'd love to work with you.